Runner Info


Preparing for Race Day

Your Race Pack
You’ll receive your Race pack when you register (see above) for the 2015 Millennium Marathon.When you’ve got your runner number, please fill in the medical information section on the back.

Be careful not to damage or lose your number as replacements can’t be issued. If there’s a risk you may blackout during the race (for example if you suffer from fits), please put a red cross onthe front of your number. On race day, please pin your number on without folding or covering it –it needs to be seen by the race marshals.

You’ll be able to drop your kit bag off at the baggage trucks at the start of the race. It will be announced on the loud speaker when it’s time to do this, and the trucks will be numbered soyou’ll know which one to go to. Please note the trucks will only accept official kit bags with the sticker attached. The trucks will be driven to the finish line so you can collect your belongings  quickly and easily at the end of the race. You’ll need to show your runner number to collect your bag.

Mile Markers
Every mile of the Millennium Marathon will be marked with a huge arch across the road – you won’t be able to miss them!

At The Finish Line
Here’s what will happen when you cross the finish line of the Millennium Marathon. Have a read through so you know what to expect on the day.

When you cross the Finish Line:

  • Our medical team will be near the finish to offer medical help if you need it.
  • You should then make your way to the baggage trucks to collect your kit bag – You’ll need to show your runner number to collect your bag.
  • Please don’t wait around at the finish area – thousands of runners will need to pass through as smoothly as possible.

Meeting up with friends and relatives
There will be special areas to meet up with friends and family at the independence square arena. These areas will be clearly signposted and divided up alphabetically so your group can arrange to meet at the first letter of your surname.

Overseas runners and their relatives will be directed to a separate meeting area at square. It’s best not to rely on your mobile phone to meet up with others on race day. There will be thousands of people using their phones in the area, so mobile networks will be busy and you may not get a signal.

It’s also a good idea to have a contact friend or family member at home so you can call them and pass on messages. Although there are regular loud speaker announcements on race day, these aren’t used to communicate with lost friends and family.

Official Millennium Marathon Photographs
On the day of the 2015 Millennium Marathon, there’ll be a lot of official and accredited photographers situated around the course.The photographers will be at different points around the course to get shots of the crowd and individual runners. If you see them on your way round, give them a smile. They’ll also take a photo of you crossing the finishing line, capturing the big moment for you to keep. After the finish line you can take your FINISHER photo and MEDAL shot, just look out – and remember to smile!

View your photos online
Between 24 and 48 hours after the 2015 Millennium Marathon, you’ll be able to view and buy these photos from contacts to be provided. Leave your email address at registration or at theexpo, the Media department will notify you with an email when the images are ready to be viewed.

Spectator Info
More information on spectating at the 2015 Millennium Marathon will be published here once it becomes available.

Public Transport
Many roads are closed on race day, so the best way to get around is using the the route given by our traffic controllers, who lay on extra services on race day. Remember, the transportservices will be busy all day – expect it to be like rush hour. You’ll probably have to queue at some stations.

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