Application Guidelines

Please thoroughly go through all information mentioned in the application form prior to submitting your application. Confirmation of applications received will be subject to the Confirmation criteria, Application Guideline and Entry Rule given herein.

1. Only one applicant can apply for the Event using a single form. Also, do not send in more than one entry per person, multiple applications will entail all being rejected.

2. Applicants must submit their entries only via the Application Modes given in this form.

3. Disability: We recommend participants of Disability be accompanied by an attendant on race day. The attendant is required to fill in a separate form and submit the same along with the form of the Disability participant, marking the said form as “Attendant of _______ (name of champions with disability participant)”. No application fee is charged for the attendant.

4. Group Entries:

  1. Where 20 or more individuals submit their entries together, this will constitute a group entry. All members of a group have to fill and sign individual application forms. Under ‘Application Type’ in the application form, applicants need to choose ‘Group’, mentioning the group name and size of the group.
  2. Please DO NOT club Half Marathon entries with group entries. Such entries will be disqualified.
  3. Only one cheque will be accepted for group entries.
  4. Each group must submit their entries together at one time, in a single envelope under covering letter of the company/NGO/ any other entity as per the given format, clearly stating –
    1. Total number of entries enclosed in each race category,
    2. Number, date, amount and bank name of cheque submitted,
    3. Name and contact details of a common point of contact for the group;
    4. Covering letter needs to be on a company/NGO/ any other entity’s official letter head, duly signed and stamped by the authorized signatory.
  5. Before sending in your application, please check the following –
    1. Filled in details against all mandatory fields prefixed with ‘*’ in the application form;
    2. Attached documents as may be required to confirm your entry based on the confirmation criteria (applicable for half marathon and 5k family fun race category);
    3. Attached a copy of your latest passport sized photograph with your application;
    4. Attached a copy of your issued Photo ID proof, i.e. either Passport, Driving license;
    5. Enclosed the requisite application fees;
    6. Signed the ‘waiver’ in the form;
    7. Applicant meets the minimum age eligibility criteria for the chosen race category.
  6. Where any discrepancy is found in the application and documents submitted, the same will not be accepted.
  7. Entry confirmation: Post close of registrations, email confirmations will be sent to all the confirmed participants who have given their valid email id in the application form.
  8. Acceptance letters: Physical acceptance letters will be posted ONLY to those applicants who have not given their email address in the application form. You can also check the status of your application within 15 working days of submitting your application, on the event website. If you do not receive any intimation from the race office, please contact our event helpline number +233-302 245574 or email us at
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