Pre-event programs have been planned to prepareĀ  participants for the race day. Programs include 4-day Expo, 8-week training plan program and Millennium Marathon TV.


The expo includes:

  • Health & Fitness Expo
  • Seminars
  • Art and Entertainment
  • Food & Drink

16 Days (Saturday & Sunday) Training Program

The training plan will be happening every Saturday & Sunday noon.
The training plan will take participant at the Aviation Social Centre. This is the warm-up and training stage forĀ  participants and get them in shape and prepared for race day.

Millennium Marathon TV

The MMTv is a TV show that will be shown on GTV. This TV show will take viewers through the essence of training, running and technical know-how from professional athletes and trainers. The show will commence in July until race day continuing through an online series post race. It includes what to wear at what times and the essence of good exercise and eating habits and its importance to race fitness including tips from the host. Watch out. It’s all about good health promotion.