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MMSL- Millennium Marathon Sports Limited
MBC.d- Media, Branding & Communication Department
NOC- National Organizing Committee
MM- Millennium Marathon
MMMG- Millennium Marathon Media Guide
MMCC- Millennium Marathon Charititable Committee

Welcome to the 2015 Millennium Marathon Media Guide (MMMG). We hope you find everything you need to cover this year’s event in these pages, but please do not hesitate to ask one of the media team if you need anything else. This guide provides information, as up to date as possible, about the Millennium Marathon (MM) course; this year’s races and biographies of leading entrants; the mass race, celebrities, politicians and sponsors. There are also sections on the Millennium Marathon Charitable Committee (MMCC) and details of race officials.

The Media & Communication Team

The 2015 Media, Branding & Communication (MBC.d) team is led by Roland Bruce and is based in the secretariat office; contact him on +233-54-158-7459;
General media enquiries:


Millennium Marathon Sports Ltd. (MMSL) have designed the 2015 Millennium Marathon Media Guide to assist you in covering the race. If you require additional information, please contact Roland Bruce (head of Media, branding & Communication) at +233-54-158-7459 from March 16– April 20th and July 13 – August 17.

The telephone number for the race week press room where credentials will be distributed is +233-54-158-7459. Various media conferences will take place through-out expo week and on the race day. A full schedule of media events will be available in the Press Credentials Office.
Members of the media will be asked to furnish valid press identification and sign a liability waiver before credentials are distributed. There will be no exceptions.

There are eight credentials press areas:

  • General access
  • Photo start area
  • Men’s press truck
  • Men’s TV truck
  • Women’s press truck
  • Women’s TV truck
  • Course
  • Photo bridge.

Media personnel receiving credentials for the press trucks, photo start area, or photo bridge also will be allowed admittance to the press room and press conferences.


  • The MMSI reserves the right to grant or revoke any press credentials. Media representatives will be required to sign a MMSI waiver and release upon receipt of their credentials.
  • Media personnel who are assigned photo bridge credentials will also be required to provide their social security number (or foreign equivalent) prior to taking receipt of the credentials.
  • Access to certain other areas may require media to provide additional information other than what is needed on the credential application (online and hard copy).


Accreditation procedure

  1. Each media representative will receive an accreditation card, which must be worn at all times and should be clearly visible. Security personnel will control all areas.
  2. The accreditation is not transferable and does not allow the holder to take another person beyond checkpoints.
  3. Photos are not required for the accreditation card system.
  4. Accreditation cards will be prepared in advance of the event, based on the information provided by the journalists in the online accreditation procedure.
  5. Accreditation cards will be distributed at the Main Accreditation Centre. Call +233-54 158 7459. Any lost or damaged accreditation cards should be reported to the MBC.d Information Desk. Duplicate cards can be obtained where proof of identity can be established. A description of the accreditation system is included on the back of the accreditation card.
  6. All media accreditation cards will allow access to the Media Centre, Media Tribune and Mixed Zone. This card will also give access to a Refreshment Area installed at the Media Centre.

Press Conference
The official Millennium Marathon MBC.d press conference will take place :

Friday 4th September at 15:00

Location: Ministry of Youth & Sports, Conference Room 

It will consist of members of MMSI, MBC.d and selected elite athletes set to take part in the competition.

Photographers’ Briefing
The photographers’ briefing will be held:

Saturday 5th September at 08:30

Location: MMSC Media Centre, Independence Sq

Photographers’ bibs will be distributed during the meeting.


Media center press services

  • Event media representatives and race information will be available in the media center throughout training race weekends and 4 days expo. The media center will be open to credentialed members of the working media during the listed hours of operations

Media Tribune

  • The Media Tribune will be located close to the finish line and in front of the video board.
  • Official results of each race and flash interviews with the medalists will be also distributed on the tribune.
  • The media tribune has fully equipped seats for 30 journalists.
  • For TV/Radio there are 6 positions.
  • Seats will be allocated by Media centre manager. Seats are allocated as per the Media Tribune seating plan, which will be available in the Media Centre as well as at the entrance of the Media Tribune.
  • Commentator’s Information System (CIS): Monitors and CIS terminals will be available. Some will be available in the Media Centre and the Mixed Zone as well.
  • There will be complimentary internet access in the Media Tribune.
  • Refreshments: A refreshment area will be available in the Media Centre.


  • Elite athletes will be available for interview.
  • Please submit via email any specific interview requests to the media relations team prior to the Friday press conference to confirm time with athletes.
  • Each elite athlete will be made available for one hour in the media centre for small cluster interviews and one-on-ones  on Saturday September 5 from 12pm.
  • The schedule of appearances will be distributed during the race week. Interviews will not be permitted at the start or finish lines on race day with any media outlet except official event broadcast partners.

Mixed Zone and Flash Interview Service

  • The Mixed Zone where media representatives meet participating athletes will be located close to the finish line. There will be a dedicated Mixed Zone for TV right holders and for the rest of the accredited media.
  • Immediately after each victory ceremony the flash interview team will hold interviews with all the medalists in the championships. These interviews will be distributed on information sheets to the media and will be posted on the website.
  • It is up to the athlete to decide whether he or she will give an interview.

Operational services

  • Wireless internet will be available in the media center for members of the working press.
  • A web-based runner tracking system will be available on race day to monitor split timing for the elite race. Internet connectivity is required for viewing.
  • To access in-race timing, follow the instructions below:

1. Log on to
2. Enter user name: accra
3. Enter password: pressroom

Race day services

  • The GTV broadcast will air live in the media center on race day from 5 to 11 a.m.
  • Direct video feeds of the men’s and women’s races will accompany the live broadcast in the media center to provide complete, uninterrupted coverage of both races.
  • A web link will be provided to track the leaders during the race. The tracking website will include a race leader board, as well as mile and 5K split times for the race leaders.
  • Printouts of split times will be provided to working media throughout the race, and official race results will be distributed shortly after the completion of the race.
  • The top three finishers in both the men’s and women’s races will address the media in the media center following the completion of the race. Additional interviews with athletes will be available upon request. Please submit those requests to the media relations team before the finish of the race.
  • On race day, Executive Race Director Haile Gebrsellasie will offer a brief address at approximately 11:30 a.m in the media centre with the NOC. He will offer a report of the day’s events and be available for questions from the media.

Post-race information
A race recap, photos and race results will be available following the race on High-resolution photos will be available to the media for download at Photo credit: Millennium Marathon.

Downloadable race results can be accessed by following these directions after the conclusion of the elite race:

1. Go to
2. Enter user name: accra
3. Enter password: pressroom
4. Search results by category (e.g. 21k, 5k…)

If you have any trouble with the website or downloadable results, see a member of the media relations team for assistance.

The Millennium Marathon Online
The Millennium Marathon website is:

Race Week News

  • Throughout race week, the ‘Latest Race News’ section of the website will carry news and stories from all the press conferences, audio interviews with leading contenders, photographs and video coverage from all aspects of the Millennium Marathon during pre-race 16-day training session, expo week and race day. You will also be able to access updated press conference schedules, start lists, celebrity lists and background information on charity runners and human interest stories.


Race Day

  • Race day website coverage will include race reports and photos from the elite men’s and women’s races.Rolling News: the website will include live, up-to-the minute rolling news of the elite men’s and women’s races. Click on the ‘Live updates’ box at the top of the Latest Race News website.

Online results

  • On race day, media can track live splits and results on the Millennium Marathon’s results website:
  • This allows you to track runners in the men’s and women’s elite races, ambassador and ministerial runners, celebrity runners, and the mass race.

Media Agreement, Waiver, and Acknowledgement

In consideration of accepting any credentials, you hereby for yourself, your heirs, executors and administrators waive and release any and all rights and claims for damage you may have against the Millennium Marathon Sports Int., its employees and vendors, Sponsors, the volunteers, the Cities and Towns in which the race is contested, their representatives, successors and assigns for any and all injuries suffered by you with respect to the Millennium Marathon. Additionally, you and the outlet to which you belong agree to adhere to the MMSI Internet and News Access Guidelines (available during Race Week in the Media Centre). An agreement to these guidelines is necessary for distribution of credentials.

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